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PC Episode 5: “Wait! Do you know what I said to my kid?”

Parent Connect Episode 5: “Wait! Do you know what I said to my kid!” Your words can make a kid feel Significant, Valued & Unique. Downloadable Cards ImSoProud_Cards IRememberWhen_Cards IveBeenThinking_Cards IveNoticed_Cards IHopeYouKnow_Cards For more great ideas, check out the book Losing Your Marbles, Playing for Keeps.

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Parent Connect_Episode 3 : You can’t protect your kids from porn!

Catch Parent Connect Episode 3 “You can’t protect your kids from porn!” here. For great resources to help you navigate technology and boundaries for your kids, check out these great conversation guides: Preschool Phase_Technology Conversation Guide: PC_ConvoGuide_PRE_TECH Elementary Phase_Technology Conversation Guide: PC_ConvoGuide_ELEM_TECH Middle School Phase_Technology Conversation Guide: PC_ConvoGuide_MS_TECH High School Phase_Technology Conversation Guide: PC_ConvoGuide_HS_TECH

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Go or Send: Which will you do?

Experiencing International Missions can be scary. It requires a little bravery and boldness. It’s one thing to step outside your comfort zone within the confines of the United States. But when your comfort zone is an entire country away… you can feel a little lost. Supporting someone on a Mission trip requires faith and selflessness. […]

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