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7 Words For Success

I’m a parent. Therefore I am always looking for quick, concise wisdom to pass on to my children. I’d love to say that this is because I place a high value on wisdom and that I am so full of such elevated thinking that I struggle to find opportunities to share all the knowledge I’ve […]

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Herod’s Response

I love getting gifts! And I know you do too! It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas! (…and my birthday…Valentine’s Day…………President’s Day…etc.) As I read the story of Jesus’ birth in Matthew chapter 2 I see something interesting about the idea of giving gifts. Christians have adopted the gift-giving process from the gifts of […]

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Twin Tracks of Discipline

Last week in my blog, we discussed the difference between discipline and punishment.  As we discovered God wants us to discipline our kids, I listed several key ingredients to effective discipline.  Last night during our student services, we expanded on these thoughts in a parent breakout session.  From that discussion I wanted to post a […]

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